18 October 2011

taking chances

The past few weeks have sure been one heck of a roller coaster ride.
Despite knowing that, I try to tell myself that it will be okay and the sun will shine after the rain. 
Maybe a rainbow too but that is a bonus.

In any 'case', this course is eating into my life bit by bit.
(Did you get my pun? See, I'm studying Law and well, in Law we have to read cases and well.. okay I shall stop)

Anyway, within these hectic months, I have learnt to give up so many things in life that I love doing. Sleep, drawing, music and social life to name a few. If it is one thing that Law has taught me so far; (of course reading and analyzing is part and parcel of this thorny road, but more than that) it is the ability to sacrifice.
Wishing that my brain could absorb all these stuff like osmosis

No doubt, I have forgotten what it was like to be a student, to meet deadlines and rush for time.
Exciting and interesting as it is sometimes, it is so generic of a student life. I hate dislike routine. Hate is just too strong a word.

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