8 June 2013

more than friends

"how do you learn to love someone?", i've always wondered.
but without realising, i might have already learnt to do so.
though i refuse to acknowledge it. perhaps it is because i am afraid.
afraid of how you would respond if i told you,
afraid of what would happen to our friendship if i told you,
afraid of whether things would be the same if i told you,
afraid of the words you would say if i told you,
but most of all, i am afraid of being rejected.

i'm not sure when it began,
or how it began.

i just know that these feelings are foreign to my heart
and i don't know how to handle them.
how i think of you every now and then,
how i wished you were beside me,
how i feel happy by just being around you,
how i am easily affected by your smile.

and i wonder if you think about me too.
that's really all it is and all that it'll ever be.
because only time will tell of what would be.
because it isn't something i can properly put into words.
because i know you won't feel the same way.

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